Replacing Captive Fasteners on Battery Cover and Hood Side Cover


The Earthmaster Parts List identifies the captive fastener for the Battery Cover and the Hood Side Cover as Earthmaster part number 56132. Earthmaster records indicate that this part was a commercial part from Lion Fastener as part number 5-0W-120A. That part number transitioned to DZUS Lion and is now available as Southco Fastener 85-12-140-16.

Fastener Replacement 

The Earthmaster Research Team (ERT) has determined that the Southco fastener 85-12-160-16 is readily available and works very well. This part number is 0.020 longer than the original. The spring retention of the receptacle easily accommodates the additional length. The part number defines the physical fastener as:

  85 = Series Number
  12 = Wing Head Style
160 = Length (Grip distance as X.XXX)
  16 = Material, Zinc Plated Steel

The fastener may be retained using either of two methods. The easiest installation method is to use a Push On Stainless Steel Retainer part number 85-34-201-20. The other method is to use a Stainless Steel Split Ring Retainer part number 85-34-101-20.  

Receptacle Replacement

Once the fastener was lost it was common to find a lag bolt or sheet metal screw used as a substitute, if any at all. In so doing, the receptacle has probably been damaged. The receptacle is DAC Leaf Spring Receptacle Rivet Type part number 85-35-295-15 and is easily replaced. Using a 3/16 drill; drill the rivet just deep enough to remove the head. There are two rivets to remove. Then using a 1/8 x 1/8 flat head steel pop rivet, attach the new receptacle.

Part Sources

These parts are readily available.

In recognition of their research assistance, ERT is pleased to recommend Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. at They accept small piece orders and most always ship the same day.