Frequently Asked Questions

What is it & who made it.
Earthmaster Tractors were made in the Los Angeles, California area in the post World War II years to fill an anticipated demand for small tractors by new GI farmers. More info can be found in the Tractor Magazine article by Steve Sharp found in the Articles section.  Engine used was an N-62 Continental 4 cylinder engine of 62 cubic inches or 1000cc.  Similar engines were used by Allis Chalmers G and Massey Harris Pony tractors.   

Where can I get a Parts List?
There is a copy listed under Technical.

Where can I get a Owners Manual?
There is a copy listed under Technical.

How many were made?
No factory records have been found so far and we are looking for any information that can help us answer this question and hundreds others. Leads appreciated. From data gleaned from members on the Earthmaster Yahoo site we think about 2200 tractors were built in California in the years 1946-49 and another small batch made in North Carolina using parts from California in the mid 50s.  

Did they make different models?
Yes they made a variety for different applications by making the wheel track wider and or higher.  The most common tractors seen today are the C, which the standard model.  The next most common is the CH  with the H standing for High Crop.   Also seen are the model D which was a C with longer axles making for a wider wheel track.  

What are the differences between the Model C and CH?
Basically the Model C has 24" wheels and short front spindles. While the Model CH came with 30" wheels and longer fron spindles. Model C tractors have been spotted with long fron spindles.

What is it worth?
Condition, cost to get in useable or restored condition, and location are factors in what a willing buyer will pay.   $50 to $3000  

Where is the serial number?
The first 631 tractors had a rectangular aluminum tag on the radiator shell that had the model number and serial number on it.   Serial number 632 and on up had a oval brass radiator tag with no model or serial number identification.    On these tractors they stamped the model and serial number on the right frame rail in the area that is bent under the battery box.  Under the rust from old battery acid you can find the lost numbers.    (Front cover of the Parts Book in the Files section will show this placement.)  

Are there structure differences?
Serial numbers below 1551 have two piece welded construction spindle housings. Later models are castings.

Where do I get parts?  
Parts availability fall into 3 areas.

General Parts like bearings,  engine parts, tires and wheels can be bought new from local stores.  Look in the Files section under Parts Lists. One for electrical parts and a second one for all the rest.  

Special Earthmaster Parts  These have to be found off a donor tractor.  Until about 1980 you could order transmission gears and practically everything else from the folks that bought and made the last Earthmaster tractors in North Carolina.  They all went for scrap iron…… (:<)