Bearing & Seal Replacements - A cross reference between Earthmaster and commercial parts.
Belt Horsepower
- Belt horsepower test results.
Brake Improvements- Not original, but an improvement.
Brake Lining Repair - Jim Lang's experience and suggestions.
Continental Motors Operator's Manual - A Copy in PDF Format

Continental Part Number Conversion - Converts Continental part numbers to Earthmaster part numbers
Cultivator (PDF) - Cultivator set-up for C & CH Earthmasters
Electrical Parts 2000+ - Compiled by Wally Skyrman
Engine Overhaul Specs - Nothing fancy just the specs.
Fastener Replacement - Battery Cover and Hood Side Cover fastener replacement.

Hydraulic Pump - Original Adel drawing
Open Center Control Valve - Original Adel Drawing
Mower #246 - #247 - Setting Up and Operating Instructions. An original copy in PDF format.
Muffler - A near perfect replacement from ERT.
Original Factory Model C Parts List - A Copy in PDF format.

Operators Manual - A Copy in PDF format.
Paint Spec - Gary Lawhorn's paint spec. A Copy in PDF format.
Part Number Conversion - Earthmaster part number to commercial part number conversion
Parts List Update - A PDF document compiled by Wally Skyrman providing substitution info.
PTO Garter Belt - Repair and suggestions from Jim Lang.

S - SSR Parts List - A copy in PDF format.
Wiring Diagram - Prepared by Wally Skyrman
Zenith Carburetor - A Copy in PDF Format

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